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Check out our blog for links to guides, resources, tips and how-to information across a wide variety of topics. Since we are pretty new in this space there isn’t much there yet, but don’t worry it’s coming.

IT and Systems

You came into this work with a passion for delivering a great service or product.
Are your systems and IT tools helping or getting in the way?
From problem-solving & troubleshooting to setting up efficient systems from scratch. We will get IT working for you and not the other way around.

Help Desk

Who do you go to when you are stuck on a computer or IT problem?
Large companies have dedicated help desks to support their users but who do you ask?
We provide a FREE helpdesk service designed just for you. No question is too small, if it’s too big we’ll let you know and give you some advice about where you can get further support.

Outcomes, Data & Reporting

It’s all very well collecting data on paper or in a spreadsheet but then what do you do with it?
We’ll help you figure out what to measure and what to do with the info next.
You’ll be able to easily add graphs and key facts to board reports, funding applications and newsletters. Save time, reduce frustration and make your data work for you.


  • Keeping children safe from abuse & violence
  • Working with resistant & difficult clients
  • Developing trauma-informed practice
  • Increasing resilience

We can also research and develop customised training for your organisation in many practice areas. If you are looking for specific training let us know.

Practice Model Development

Do you know why you do the things you do? Can you and your staff explain how your work makes a difference? A practice model forms a framework and foundation for practice – it makes the connections between who you are working with, the difference you are trying to make and then clearly sets out how you intend to get there. From there you can start to measure impact and outcomes and to build an evidence-base. If this is something that you are interested in finding more about then get in touch and let’s have a chat.