We understand that cost is important and you want to know about the price up-front.  However, since we customise our services to meet your needs the answer is:  "It depends on what you want".  Costs range from FREE upwards depending on the type of service you are looking for - see the table below.  

If you are a nonprofit we are happy to help you apply for funding to cover the costs of the project.

A Little Help


You're happy to do the job yourself but want a little help when you get stuck.  

This is what our help desk is for.  It's FREE.  Yes we really do mean that.  Call it a mutually beneficial arrangement...  You get help with the things that you are stuck on.  We get to hear those things that are causing issues for multiple organisations.  From this we can come up with new products and solutions to meet those needs. See, mutually beneficial.

Set It Up


You've got a project or a bigger piece of work needing doing.  But once it's done you will be happy to manage it yourself.

Because every organisation is different and so is every project we will come up with a proposal and a budget that will (hopefully) work for you. Don't forget it is always FREE to have a chat about what you need.

Just Do It


For all those ongoing tasks that are frustrating, irritating or outside of your skill set.  Talk to us and we will come up with a proposal to provide you with ongoing services.  This might be a monthly subscription or an on-call hourly rate.  We will tailor the pricing to your needs.

Remember it's always FREE to have a chat about what you need.